Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate in the Loyalty Program?


Nothing! It is absolutely free to participate. We created this program as our way of thanking our loyal customers. The rewards you earn are our gift to you and you are under no obligation to use them, but you will enjoy discounts when you do!

What benefits will I receive from participating in the Rewards Program?


You will earn credit toward future purchases just for shopping as you normally would. Every purchase you make earns points toward Reward Certificates that can be redeemed for credit toward a future purchase of products. Spend $150 in a calendar year to activate Careismatic Rewards VIP status for free returns for the following calendar year. VIP status resets at the end of the following year. For example if you qualify for VIP in 2023, your status will on expire on Dec 31 2024.

How do I enroll in the Loyalty Program?

  • Log in or create an account

  • From the Points tab under Rewards, click on the activate button to start earning points with every purchase made using the email address associated with your account.

  • Once you activate your rewards and spend $150 in a calendar year, you’ll be automatically enrolled in Careismatic Rewards VIP status.

How do I earn Rewards Program points towards Certificates and dollars towards Careismatic Rewards VIP status?

  • Once you have enrolled in the Rewards Program, every time you place an order while signed in to My Account, or make a purchase using the email address associated with your account, you will accumulate Rewards Program points.

  • Each dollar spent equals 1 point ($1 = 1 point). This applies to the subtotal of your net merchandise purchases only, not to the shipping and tax.

  • Fractions of a dollar are rounded down to the nearest dollar when calculating points and qualified dollars. ($1 - $1.99 spent = 1 point)

I just placed an order but have not yet enrolled in the Rewards Program, is it too late to earn points for that order?


Once you have created your account, make sure to visit the Points tab under Rewards and click the activate button to start earning rewards with every purchase. If you completed your order without signing in to your My Account but had previously activated your Rewards, your points will be captured and deposited. If you completed your order without signing into your My Account, and have not yet activated Rewards, you must activate prior to your order shipping. Once your order ships you cannot go back and capture those points

Can I earn Rewards Program points for an order that shipped before I activated it?


No. You can only earn points for orders that shipped aer after you activated your Rewards.

I placed an order using an email that is different from the email associated with My Account. Can I earn points for that order?


No. Once you have enrolled in the Rewards Program, you should always sign in to My Account to ensure that you get reward points for your order. If you complete an order without signing in to My Account and you do not use the email associated with My Account, rewards points for that order will not be credited to your account. Please note: Points from purchases made through Amazon Pay will not automatically be applied to your account if the email address you use with Amazon Pay is different from the email used to log in. Please contact customer service with your order number ready to have points from these purchases applied.

Do shipping and tax count toward Rewards points?


No. You will accumulate points based on "qualifying dollars", or the subtotal of your net merchandise purchases (less discounts) onl

How many points do I have to earn before I get a reward?



  • You will receive a $5 Reward Certificate each time you accumulate at least 100 points.

  • You will activate Careismatic Rewards VIP status when you spend 150 qualifying dollars within a calendar year.

  • Each time you receive a reward certificate, the points credited toward that Reward will be deducted from your total and the remaining points will count toward your next reward.


What happens when I return merchandise and get a refund?


Rewards points will be deducted based on the refund amount credited to your account: 1 point for each dollar refunded, rounded down to the nearest dollar ($1 – $1.99 credited = 1 point deducted).

What happens if I cancel my order?


If you purchase an item with a Rewards Certificate and then cancel the order, we will return the points used to the Rewards Certificate with the same expiration date as when they were initially issued, please allow 24 hours for the points to reappear in your account or your new Rewards Certificate to generate.

How can I tell how many points I have accumulated?


Use the My Account link at the top of the website to sign in to your account. When you have signed in, you will see a link to Rewards. Click on "Points" under that tab to see your point total.

Please Note: Points are visible in your account after your order has shipped

How often will my points be updated?


Points are updated after the item(s) in your order have shipped. If you have placed an order but it has not yet shipped, you will still see your previous points total. Once your order has shipped, your points will be updated to reflect your new total within 24 hours.

When will my Reward Certificates be issued?


When you place an order that qualifies you for a Reward Certificate, the certificate will be issued to you when the order ships.

How will I receive my Reward Certificate?


By email.

How will I redeem my Reward Certificate?


Your Reward Certificate includes a code. Next time you make a product purchase, you will have the opportunity at checkout to enter and apply a code. You will enter your rewards code(s) in the gift certificate box. When you hit the apply button you will be credited for the amount of the reward

Can I redeem my Reward Certificates for cash?



Can I apply my Reward Certificates toward the purchase of Gift Certificates?



Does my Reward Certificate expire?


Reward Certificates are good during the month in which they are issued and for six full months following that month. For example, if the certificate is issued on any day in January, it will be available for use at once and it will expire on July 31.

Month in which Certificate is Issued Expiration Date
January July 31
February August 31
March September 30
April October 31
May November 30
June December 31
July January 31
August February 28
September March 31
October April 30
November May 31
December June 30

Who can I contact if I have questions?


Customer service can answer questions about your Rewards Program account.
Call: 1-800-372-2201 or Email: support is available daily from 4:30 am to 7:30 pm PST